Greenhouse Shelving Ideas: 5 Types of Shelves You Need

greenhouse racks shelving ideas

Greenhouse Shelving Ideas: 5 Types of Shelves You Need

If you plan on setting up a greenhouse, you must ensure it is well-organized. Plants have different storage and maintenance requirements, and you will need to meet these requirements without fail. You will need to choose the right shelving for the right plants to prevent cluttering.

Here, you will find out more about the different types of shelves for your greenhouse and how they can help your plants.

1.      Rust-Proof Wire Shelves

Since plants demand a considerable amount of humidity and moisture to thrive, you will need to invest in rust-proof wire shelves. If you do not take this seriously and buy cheaper alternatives, they will rust and corrode, which is never a good thing. While looking for rust-proof wire shelves, make sure the ones you choose can withstand the weather, giving your plants a secure place to grow.

2.      Hydro Tables

Greenhouses now commonly utilize hydroponic growing due to its efficiency and convenience. Because of this, you can’t rely on traditional racks. Instead, you will need to invest in hydro tables for maximum growth.

With hydro tables, you will have complete control over the flow and ebb of water throughout the growth process and you will not have to worry about rust either.

3.      Plant Drying Racks

Certain herbs need to be dried after they have been harvested. Only after they have been dried can they be prepared, transported, and served. Greenhouses that require their plants to be dried before handling commonly use plant drying racks. If you have a lot of plants to dry and want to save space on your work tables, then plant drying racks are the way to go.

4.      Restaurant Shelving

If a greenhouse is dealing with plants sold to people, i.e. fruits, vegetables, and herbs, then it needs to utilize restaurant shelving. With it, plants can be stored safely.

Like restaurants and supermarkets, greenhouses dealing with such fruits, vegetables, or herbs have to meet specific storage requirements. To keep up with the code, restaurant shelves would be an excellent place to start while ensuring your customers are safe.

5.      NSF Shelving

To prevent the spread of pollen and germs throughout your greenhouse, you will need to invest in NSF shelving. This type of shelving is best suited to avoiding cross-contamination or diseases from negatively affecting your plants. Of course, you will still need to keep an eye on your plants even if you have NSF shelving, but using the right shelves can go a long way to keep them healthy and strong.

Now that you know about the different types of greenhouse shelves and how they can help plants, you can pick out the right shelf for your needs and requirements. Remember, though, do a bit of homework to make sure you get high-quality shelves. Better to be safe than sorry, right?



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