Metal Garage Storage Shelves

metal garage storage shelves

Metal Garage Storage Shelves

Best Garage Storage Shelving

It is vital for every garage space or workshop to have clutter-free space because of the large quantity of tools, supplies and other gear stored within. Garage shelves can not only assist in keeping your garage neat and clean but also safe by storing tools and equipment out of your way.

There are various storing solutions for your garage tools and supplies. One of the most common and convenient storage options is shelving. This type of storage can help you stay organized without the frustration of not finding things during work, when you need them the most. These shelves provide a sturdy surface for all your tools regardless of their weight. They are made of durable and strong material allowing lengthy and heavy duty equipment to be stored easily like paint cans, power tools, or seasonal gear.

Types of Garage Shelves

A number of different types of shelves are available in the market to accommodate all your storage needs. Whether you would like to store toys, wood, car accessories, sporting equipment, paint accessories, cookware or electronics, you can find several options of shelving according to your need. The types of shelves are distinguished by the type of material they are made of and whether it’s freestanding or needs to be mounted to the wall or ceiling. The prices of each shelf may vary according to the quality of the material used, size of the shelf, and of course which brand you opt for. Let’s take a look at the most popular garage shelves:

Metal and Wire Shelves

Metal garage storage shelves, typically made from steel, are ideal for storing heavy duty loads. It comes in a variety of sizes and the prices are comparatively more expensive than wood shelves. One of the reasons for their higher price is their durability, as they can easily last you a lifetime without wearing down.

Nor will you have to worry if you spill a chemical or paint on the shelf because it is easy to clean, since metal doesn’t absorb substances like wood does. To protect the shelves from getting rust, they usually come with a black paint or are powder-coated with a protective finish.

Wire shelves deliver the strength of metal but are lighter and easier to move around than pure metal shelves. They are developed by connecting fine metal strands with one another, forming a sturdy grip giving the shelf a web or mesh-like look. They are useful for storing paint cans, tools or boxes.

Make sure to not leave any lose nails or screws on wire shelves because small items may fall from the mesh gaps creating a health hazard. Wire shelves are not expensive but they are as durable as metal shelves. The only drawback of these web like shelves are the mesh gaps which do not hold any small items.

Whether it is metal shelf or wire shelf, they both are typically found in freestanding units of the garage because the heavy weight of these shelves makes it difficult to fix them directly to the wall.

Wooden Shelves

Wood is a beautiful and sustainable material, and a wooden shelf can add aesthetic and style to your storage space. Mostly, hardwood shelves are made from oak and maple, which results in strength and durability compared to a shelf made of softwood like pine or pressed wood like plywood or chipboard. The latter can break easily under heavy loads.
Softwood shelves are specifically used for light duty storage items only. A wall-mounted wooden shelf is fixed firmly on your wall using metal brackets, whereas freestanding variants can be easily moved as per your requirement from time to time.

Adjustable Rail Shelves

As the name suggests, these shelves are adjustable according to your storage needs. Initially, metal tracks are installed in your wall with equal intervals of metal brackets to hold your shelves. To adjust the shelf, simply remove it, move the metal bracket up or down and refit your shelf to the desired height. If your brackets are also welded metal, the shelves can hold heavy objects like wood, tools for woodwork or even car parts.

Installing Storage Shelves

Freestanding shelves do not need require a lot of time for assembling in comparison to wall or ceiling mounted shelves, which need to be carefully positioned and installed. There is a variety of adjustable rail shelves; some are adjustable to concrete walls whereas some can be fixed to dry walls. Make sure you read the instructions prior to purchase because some rail tracks cannot be installed in steel studs and will only require wooden studs. It’s generally a good idea to do a little research so you know which type of storage shelf can best fulfil your storage requirements. The shelves can last for years in perfect shape if kept and maintained with proper care.



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