Outdoor Plant Stands to Display your Plants

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Outdoor Plant Stands to Display your Plants

If you plan on updating your outdoor space for your nursery and are in no mood to indulge in elaborate construction projects, you should consider getting new outdoor plant stands. But what outdoor plant stands are worth your time? Here, you will get to know some fantastic outdoor plant stands and how you can use them to add your personal touch to your backyard. Without wasting any time, let’s dig in.

1.      Monochrome Tripod Stands

If you want to take things up a notch, you should look into getting monochrome tripod plant stands. These plant stands are trendy this season, offering simplistic designs and colors. However, monochrome tripod stands strictly mix with a modern style, meaning they can’t be used everywhere. The monochromatic look is what amplifies the greenery if that is your top priority.

2.      Ceramic Plant Stands

Ceramic tables are not just perfect for resting your soda on a hot day, but they can also be used to rest your plants. Ceramic plant stands can be used indoors and outdoors and are quite durable. They come in all kinds of colors, textures, and finishes. The best part? Water does not damage ceramic plant stands, so you can place them wherever you want outdoors.

Ceramic plant stands sit nicely on a balcony, patio, or porch. Even though they can be used indoors, you will need to make sure you place protective felt wherever you place them to protect your tile or wooden floors.

3.      Step Ladders

Step ladders can really add a beautiful aesthetic to your nursery and can be used to display all your plants throughout the year. No matter the season, step ladders will allow you to display your plants in all their glory.

These plant stands come in all shapes and sizes, so finding one that fits your space will be a breeze. You can even find some amazing step ladders at garage sales, and even at second-hand stores, for a weathered look that are quite the trend nowadays. You can even paint your step ladders or add accents like those found in old gardening tools to keep things interesting.

If you decide to get step ladders, they can be placed next to large trees or against outdoor walls. But that is not all; they can also serve as a great decorative element to your nursery’s front door.

4.      Sculptural Plant Stands

Sculptural plant stands are a modern take on outdoor plant stands, serving as elaborate pieces of art. These plant stands can be paired with vines and creepers to contrast with the clean lines. Like with most plant stands, the more, the merrier. For dynamic accents outdoors, combine a couple of sculptural plants stands in varying heights. These can really level up the look of your plants.

5.      Wagon Plant Stands

When it comes to wagon plant stands, the possibilities are endless as you can choose from many options, i.e. iron wagons, wooden wagons, rusted wagons, etc.

If you want to decorate for an event, these would be the ideal choice. You can place your wagon plant stands at the entrance of your nursery or greenhouse or even someplace unexpected. Once they have been placed, you can change the plants on them throughout the year. Remember, though; you will need to get rid of the accumulated water to prevent your plants from withering away.

The plant stands mentioned above offer something for everyone. You can choose the right plant stand for your nursery or greenhouse to get the type of look you want. You can also switch between plants around the year or create a mini herb garden if that is what you desire. Whatever you choose, you can easily give your nursery a unique look with these appealing plant stands.


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