Rivet Rack Steel Shelving

rivet rack steel shelving

Rivet Rack Steel Shelving

Qualities of Rivet Shelving & Its Common Uses

Rivet rack steel shelving is one of the most multi-purpose forms of industrial shelving available in the market. Designed for carton and case storage, its individual shelf capacities are up to 1,400 pounds each, almost matching the load capacity of a pallet rack. These shelves are available in a variety of sizes and layouts which are easy to assemble because of its tear-drop and pin connectors. Rivet shelves are extremely strong and tough whether you are using a single rivet or double-rivet design.

Rivet shelving sees heavy usage for storage purposes in a variety of different industries. In this article, we’ll shine light on rivet shelf characteristics and its common usage.

Material and Structure:

Rivet shelving can be made in the structure for a mezzanine. This structure serves as the best storage area possible because of its versatile qualities. Rivet shelving can be molded to match the exact height of the mezzanine structure, which will then act as a support to fit any storage need.

So for example, you can construct a simple square of about any size with shelves running the entire height of the mezzanine in rows above the platform and on the floor. This can be seen mostly in dealership work areas, warehouses, in manufacturers’ work areas and in distribution operations.


Warehouse storage:

Bulk storage always becomes a hassle for any warehouse owner. Rivet shelves present an easy way of storing large and heavy items that do not require moving too frequently. The stable pin locking system makes these shelves the ideal candidate for heavier items like canned goods, big cartons, and bulky manufacturing supplies.


Automotive parts storage:

Automotive industry is a great example where rivet shelving is mostly installed. This particular industry has to store hundreds of parts in all sorts of irregular shapes, large and bulky supplies, and special tools. Rivet shelving provides for these items an accessible and durable storage space. These shelving systems are also commonly seen in workshops as well where workers can dedicate shelves for different types of bulky objects like tires, wheels, and other large similar parts.



Regardless of the fact that the world is going digital in every aspect, there will always be a need to keep some paperwork in hardcopy. It can get difficult to manage and store paperwork files in an organized manner because files can pile up and become disorderly very easily. Rivet shelving can serve as a storage for such bookkeeping records for as long as you need them without having to worry about the consumption of space.


Retail Stores:

Numerous retailers who deal in bulk products like wholesalers or factory direct stores are always in need of storage. Products like electronics and mechanical supplies can take up a lot of room. Therefore, rivet shelving can be conveniently used to display such bulky products and ensure they’re visible for customers.

Advantages of Rivet Shelving:

  1. No tools or hardware is involved in installation of the shelves
  2. In terms of cost, rivet shelving is the most economical
  3. Offers a variety of sizes to fit all storage needs
  4. Provides sufficient capacity for bulk and heavy duty storage

Disadvantages of Rivet Shelving:

  1. Rivet shelving is not very eye-pleasing in terms of structure
  2. Expensive shipping cost is applied because of the heavy weight steel structure
  3. Although the shelves are customizable in size, there are some limitations as to how you can modify these for storage.

All in all, the excellent utility and storage capacities of rivet shelving fulfil heavy storage needs for a variety of industrial and retail scenarios. The open design and the resulting visibility that rivet shelves offer are incredibly useful, such as when retail stores want to put items on display for the customers’ notice. With these advantages and qualities, chances are that if you’re a warehouse owner or involved in industrial work with storage needs, you can put rivet shelving to great use.


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