Safe Usage Tips for Nursery Carts and Racks

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Safe Usage Tips for Nursery Carts and Racks

Carts and racks are essential for warehouses and industrial plants when it comes to moving products in and out of a facility or transporting products from one area to another. Although these tools offer immense convenience to workers that need to carry around heavy materials in bulk quantities, it’s important to use racks and carts carefully in order to avoid injuries.

Overloading a cart, placing hands in the wrong places, not properly balancing the cartload can all lead to serious injuries.


In this article, we’ll go over the necessary safety tips, which can minimize the risk of hurting yourself when using a nursery cart or rack.

Ensure that you have a balanced cartload A cart that is not properly balanced is difficult to push and it can really put you in awkward positions when pushing it. If the cart requires more effort on one side than the other in order to move, it can cause too much strain on one side of your body and might cause you to pull a few muscles. Always evenly balance the cartload so that it’s easier to push without requiring too high an exertion. You can do that by putting the heavier things on the bottom shelves and even out weight distribution from left to right.

  • Make sure to always push the cart, do not ever pull

When you try to pull a cart, you’re dangerously putting yourself in its path. A loaded cart can have high enough momentum to hit you hard, so it’s always a risk if you’re trying to pull the cart. This is why it’s prudent to push rather than pull.

  • Ensure that no item sticks out from any of the edges of the cart

Any product that extends beyond the edges of the cart poses risks not only for you but also for the people in the vicinity.

When you push a cart with objects sticking out of the sides, you will find it difficult to make your way through tight areas and doorways. The cart may abruptly stop. Similarly, the people around you are not likely to notice the object sticking out, especially if they are not facing the approaching cart. This can cause the person some serious cuts and scratches.

So whenever you load a cart, always check that everything is contained inside the cart and that nothing hangs over the sides.

  • Make sure to always park near a wall

When parking carts and racks, always place them out of the way and near a wall. Never park carts and racks near doors, exit routes, or walkways. Doing so obstructs operational flow and can pose a safety risk in the case of an emergency.

  • Place your hands on the handles

You must always place your hands on the handles and not on the sides of the carts as this may increase the risks of your hands or fingers getting carelessly smashed when going through doorways or passing by other moving equipment. The handles are the safest place to place one’s hands-on, so use them!

  • Keep your vision clear, avoid any obstruction

You should be able to see where you’re heading towards. The carts or racks should always be loaded in ways where you do not obstruct the view as this could put you and the people around you at equal risk.


Carts and racks make lives easier for workers in warehouses and other industrial settings. But to use nursery carts and racks in a safe manner and ensure no one gets hurt when you’re pushing these around, make sure to follow the safety tips mentioned above and minimize occupational hazards.

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